The Asian Society for Men’s Health and Aging will be organising the 14th Asian Society for Men’s Health and Ageing Satellite Meeting 2019 from 11 –13 October 2019 at Le Meridien Angkor Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia. 


The 14th ASMHA Satellite Meeting will be the first meeting for the 2 merged bodies. This gathering of the foremost Asian KOL’s comprising of senior members, founding members and young talented members will certainly provide a launchpad for Asia in the field of men’s health and ageing. Many key developments and decisions will be made at the Siem Reap gathering to provide a solid foundation for ASMHA to spread its wings to all 52 countries in Asia. With a rapid greying of Asia, the field of men’s health and ageing will grow exponentially in the coming decade.


We hope that all stakeholders, including KOL’s, researchers, health financers, pharma leaders, policymakers and all practising physicians involved in this field will take the opportunity to meet in this landmark Asian venue to share and exchange their knowledge and experience in the management of men’s health in their respective countries and regions.  More importantly, the delegates will have the opportunity to network, interact and exchange resources to forge a concerted effort to further the advances in this very important and pertinent field of medicine.


Looking forward to your participation & seeing all of you in Siem Reap. 


Thank you.  


Your Sincerely,

Prof Dr Akihiko OKUYAMA and Prof Dato Dr Hui Meng TAN

Joint Organising Chairmen

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